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Although Rovaniemi is known as a Christmas destination you could find many reasons to visit and explore this beautiful place almost all year round!


You might know that Santa is there all year to meet you and take photos with him!



February is a very good month for winter wanderlusts to explore Finnish Lapland!





We have collected the best 5 reasons why you should go.




1. February is the most snow covered month.


2. Daytime is longer then, than it is in the Christmas period. So you will have more time to explore!


3. You have more accommodation choices and better prices as the holiday period has finished and the schools are open.


4. You will have a lot of winter activities to do as it is in the heart of the winter period!


5. Finally, February is a very good month for aurora hunting. The odds are with you!


aurora lapland

Start making your plans for Finnish Lapland this February and don’t forget. The best suitcase to travel with is our smile and good vibes!



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